About Us

Industry and Business Associations Office

With a view to increase its technology transfer and innovation skills to the benefit of enterprises, ENEA has created a new operative tool, the Industry and Business Associations Office (COM-INDAS), specialized in disseminating skills, instruments, products and services for competitiveness. It is the contact point between ENEA and partnership community, represented by enterprises and business associations.

Specifically, the Office:

  • provides industry, public administrations and citizens with advanced services, technological solutions and products made available through the Innovation Technology Atlas, the online database allowing SMEs, business associations and all potential stakeholders to access ENEA’s advanced services and products, strengthening technology transfer, innovation dissemination and competitiveness;
  • attends to relations with industry and business associations to promote joint research projects;
  • defends the know-how and innovation produced with its activities through the technical and legal institutions of intellectual property protection;
  • proposes enterprises possible agreements to: use ENEA patents; share scientific knowledge; set up research laboratories; develop technology innovation projects;
  • provides support to create high-tech enterprises, such as spinoffs.


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