The Technological Development Division of ENEA's Innovation and Development Directorate ensures the enhancement of the results of scientific research and the technological-scientific skills of the Agency through the transfer of technology to the industrial fabric.
To strengthen the relationship with the industry, it has developed a Knowledge Exchange Strategy of which the following are priority tools:
- the Knowledge Exchange Program (KEP), a knowledge exchange platform that represents the innovative and priority tool for cooperation between ENEA and companies. The Portal presents the skills and know-how of the Agency's researchers, the projects carried out and in progress, the research infrastructures available, organized according to the main technological issues within the Agency's competence, in order to increase the number of SMEs with which ENEA can initiate structured relationships.
- the Proof of Concept Program (PoC) an internal funding fund of 2.5 million euros for the three-year period 2018-2020, intended for the development of technologies developed in its own laboratories with a low degree of technological maturity (Technology Readiness Level - TRL).
The Division also provides companies with advanced services, technological solutions and products available on the Atlas of Technological Innovation; promotes joint research projects; protects knowledge and innovation through the technical-legal institutes of intellectual property; proposes agreements for the use of ENEA patents; promotes participation in national and international networks to support innovation and technology transfer; provides support for the creation of spin-offs.

Energy: Producing hydrogen and oxygen from water using sunlight

Hydrogen and oxygen production through thermal water splitting using solar energy. This is the subject of a new patent devised by the ENEA laboratories

Energy: four solar concentration plants inaugurated in Italy and the Middle East

Thanks to the International project STS-Med, in which ENEA participates,  four small- sized solar concentrations plants have been set up in Italy, Egypt, Cyprus and Giordany

New Italian Biotech Industry report: almost 500 biotech companies, 9,200 employees, turnover of 9.4 billion euro

The new Italian Biotech Industry report, published by Assobiotec (the national association of biotech companies which is part of Federchimica) and ENEA (the national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development), gives an updated, detailed picture of the Italian biotech industry