The Technological Development Division of the Innovation and Development Directorate is dedicated to the diffusion of skills, products and services for competitiveness to the benefit of SMEs.
 Specifically, the Office: provides industry with advances services, technological solutions and products made available through its Technology Innovation Atlas; puts forward proposals to SMEs for mutual agreements allowing them to use ENEA patents; protects its know-how and innovation through the technical and legal procedures provided for by the Intellectual property laws; provides its support for creating high-tech spinoffs; promotes the partecipating in national and international technology transfer networks.

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    • Smart  labels, sensors and photovoltaic cells with organic electronics
    • Sustainable building with hemp fibers
    • A new technology for energy saving indoors
    • Health: TOP-IMPLART, progress in cancer treatment
    • Soil: ENEA grows sustainability
    • Regarding ENEA
    • Hot Radial pressing
    • Technological replicas for the Egyptian necropolis of Saqqara

Energy: four solar concentration plants inaugurated in Italy and the Middle East

Thanks to the International project STS-Med, in which ENEA participates,  four small- sized solar concentrations plants have been set up in Italy, Egypt, Cyprus and Giordany

New Italian Biotech Industry report: almost 500 biotech companies, 9,200 employees, turnover of 9.4 billion euro

The new Italian Biotech Industry report, published by Assobiotec (the national association of biotech companies which is part of Federchimica) and ENEA (the national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development), gives an updated, detailed picture of the Italian biotech industry