Italian Biotech Industry 2018

The new report on the Italian biotech industry, drafted thanks to the consolidated collaboration between Assobiotec (Italian Association for the Development of Biotechnology, part of Federchimica) and ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), offers an update on the current Italian biotech industry in 2017.
The analysis collects and processes updated information and estimates provided by firms in the sector at the end of 2017, as well as their 2016 financial statements, public data and data from the National Statistical System, presenting readers with a general picture of the sector which is one of a kind at an international level for its wealth and thoroughness.
The report focuses on the following main issues: the figures of Italian biotech, a chapter on research and development activities, a snapshot of the ​​healthcare, agriculture and veterinary medicine, industry and environment sectors, a focus on bioeconomy and measures to support innovation. The data collected within the framework of the National Statistical Programme will be merged into the statistics on the biotechnology industry edited by the OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, whose methodology is adopted in this study. On the basis of the estimated data, the biotech firms operating in Italy confirm their status as a highly innovative sector dedicated to research, with excellences in all the applicative biotechnology sectors. It suffices to think of the Italian leadership in precision medicine and advanced therapies, where three therapies out of the six currently authorised in Europe are the result of Italian research, development and production. It is therefore a dynamic, high-tech sector that
is potentially ready to seize the challenges and opportunities of the biotech sector at an international level.
However, it is also an industrial sector that urgently needs a national strategy in favour of medium-long term innovation and research composed of measures that are stable over time, in addition to effective, certain and centralised governance: these measures would allow firms to overcome the limits of their often too-small dimension, in addition to guaranteeing important repercussions for the country in terms of economic and labour development in support of Italian growth and competitiveness.

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