ENEA Patents

The portfolio of patents, of which 250 are alive, is available as an on-line Database (http://brevetti.enea.it), that allows to query for specific set of ENEA patents by entering different single or combined keywords, such as: registration year, inventor, technology area, title, abstract, Intellectual Property typology, owner, number of patent application, country of patent activity.

The Office also provides the patent licensing service, consisting in looking for potential industrial partners interested in valorizing the invention and in carrying out, in collaboration with the ENEA Departments, all the negotiation process leading to the final definition of the value and the transfer form. This latter is often translated into the temporary transfer of the right, whether exclusive or not, to produce, use and market the innovation protected by the patent. Such right is generally transferred upon royalty payment or some other payment forms.



Contact: Davide Fratini

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