Technological Development Division

Head: Marco Casagni
Tel.: +39 051 6098672
Fax: + 39 051 6098084



The Technological Development Division is divided into 4 Services:

Intellectual Property Protection and Exploitation Service
Responsible Davide Fratini

Knowledge Exchange Strategy Service
Responsible Oscar Amerighi

Innovation Project Management Service
Responsible Edi Valpreda

Technology Transfer Service
Responsible Marco Casagni (a.i.)


The Office staff works in the following ENEA research centres: Bologna, Casaccia, Portici and Rome’s Headquarters.

Technological Development Division  (ISV-DST)

Intellectual Property Protection, Protection and Enhancement Service (ISV-DST-IPR)


    Knowledge Exchange Strategy Service (ISV-DST-KES)

    Innovation Project Management Service (ISV-DST-PMI)