Technology transfer and exploitation

The exploitation and transfer to the production community and public administrations of the ENEA project and research results are a crucial part of the institutional mandate of the Agency and one of the most important task of the Technological Development Division.

The Technological Development Division is actively engaged in disseminating and transferring technology with the aim of promoting the diffusion and use of skills, instruments and results of the Agency and its participated companies. In other words, the Division:

  • proposes enterprises possible agreements to: use ENEA patents; share scientific knowledge; set up research laboratories; develop technology innovation projects;
  • provides enterprises with experimental facilities and laboratories where qualification tests of components, devices and advanced systems are performed;
  • promotes and encourages possible pathways to meet innovation supply and demand, also through the participation in national and international networks to support technology transfer and innovation activities, such as EEN - Enterprise Europe Network;
  • promotes joint research projects with ENEA’s Technical Units, providing support for the project follow-up and for the technical and administrative budgeting/invoicing activities;
  • provides support to create high-tech enterprises, such as spinoffs;
  • delivers training classes and e-learning courses targeted at transferring know-how and creating new professional figures;
  • perform a complete analyses of the state-of-the-art of a product/process with the aim of paving the way to its future marketing through benchmarks and technology insights;
  • develops business intelligence scenarios and analyses useful to identify potential technological and commercial partners.



Contact: Paola Leonelli