Italian Biotech Industry 2016

ENEA and Assobiotec made for the first time together the statistic survey “The Italian Biotech Industry. Facts & Figures” based on a close analysis carried out on about 500 biotech firms, which were active in Italy as of year-end 2015.

With this survey, ENEA Industry and Business Associations Unit and Centro Studi Assobiotec inteded to present the key facts and data of the Italian biotech industry, and to provide a brief analysis of the current context within which Italian companies are operating, with reference to their 2014 balance sheets and on estimates of future trends expected.

The Italian biotech industry has undergone through an extraordinary growth due to several factors, among them being the undisputed excellence of our academic and industrial research, and the  ability of Italian companies to turn innovation into valuable products and technologies. Over half of these (256) are dedicated biotech R&D firms that devote more than 75% of their total R&D investment to research activities relating to biotechnologies. The large majority of Italian biotech companies (75%) are micro or smallsized organisations. This share moves to 90% when only considering the dedicated biotech R&D companies, which are indeed the driving force for the entire Italian biotech industry. Total biotech turnover exceeds 9.4 billion euro; R&D investment makes over 1.8 billion euro, while the number of biotech employees is above 9,200 units. Biotechnology is a high research-intensive industry: among the Italian capital dedicated biotech R&D firms, the incidence of biotech R&D investment on turnover is 25%, with peaks up to 40% for many of them.

All data and information were collected through a questionnaire sent to the companies active in the sector (response rate 41%), and by analysing the available balance sheets and corporate websites.

Companies have been classified according to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) methodology.


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