Networks and projects

Through the Technological Development Division, ENEA ensures its participation in the major national and European networks supporting technology transfer and innovation.

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is financed by the European Commission and supports innovation and competitiveness of enterprises and research structures on the global scale. The networks provides support for transnational innovation and technology transfer, European research and internationalization.

The EEN services allow to identify technologies of potential interest among the over 20,000 profiles currently present, enter a specific technology request (Technology Request), disseminate information on a specific owned technology or patent to find partners interested in using it (Technology Offer), search for a partner to participate in EU research projects (Partner Search).



ENEA is present in the EEN Italia Consortium of established on a regional basis and comprising partners from trade associations, innovation agencies, research centres and academia.

Bridg€conomies, node of the EEN network for southern Italy’s regions (Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Apulia and Sicily).
ENEA contact for BRIDG€conomies: Filippo Ammirati


In this framework, ENEA and its Office provide services and competences. In particular, they:

  • perform analyses and assessments on the technological needs and strategic evolution of the major production sectors in the regions involved, identifies the relevant technological responses and channels them to the EEN network
  • promote the strengthening of local technology providers’ capacity to foster and exploit the research results towards the European ambit
  • organize seminars, workshops and technology transfer days
  • make technological audits and visits to innovative enterprises and technology providers, and organize transnational visit exchanges with innovative enterprises, research centres and other European IRCs
  • provide enterprises and research centres of the competence regions with services, consulting and support aimed at developing and publicizing successful examples of transnational technology transfer.

ENEA is a member of NETVAL, the network for the exploitation of academic research results. It is composed of the technology transfer offices of the Italian universities and public research bodies, having as main goals: sharing and strengthening the competencies of public research, whether academic or not, in the field of research valorization, transfer of know-how and intellectual property protection; promoting culture and technology transfer good practices also by involving the industrial community; supporting decision-makers when planning policies for the exploitation of public research results.

ENEA is a member of TAFTIE, The Association For Technology Implementation In Europe, which comprises the most important national agencies for innovation in Europe. TAFTIE contributes to strengthen the economic performance of Europe by supporting product, process, and service innovation through the implementation of national and international R&DI research programmes.

TTO Circle, European Technology Transfer Offices circle,includes the Technology Transfer Offices of the major European public research bodies, and ENEA is one of them. The Association, promoted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, has the mission to enhance the effectiveness of public research results transfer to industry by sharing experiences and common initiatives.

Exploitation has become a crucial element in FP7 and H2020 projects and is a mandatory activity and reporting item. In order to maximise the value added and impact of research projects, the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation offers on-demand services to interested projects – Support Services for Exploitation of Research Results (SSERR). ENEA and Meta Group are the two partners of the project.


Among completed projects the following are worth mentioning:

M2RES (From Marginal to Renewable Energy Sources Sites), an EU project funded by the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme for 2011-2013, aimed at requalifying marginal areas through investments in installing facilities for renewables generation capable to positively impact the local energy production.

ILO2(Support for innovation alliances in Apulia) has led to setting up and Industrial Liaison Office located in the ENEA Research Centre in Brindisi, centre of excellence in the study of materials and technologies to be used in the sectors of transport, energy and the environment.

SWITCH4FOOD (Service for Water and Integrated techniques for FOOD Industries) funded by the EU under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP). The project, coordinated by ENEA, was aimed at sharing best practices and innovative technologies on the rational use of water and the management of wastewater in the agrifood sector.

GPrix (Good Practices in Innovation Policy Support Survey): in the framework of the “Supporting Actions” funded by the European Commission under FP7, the project was aimed at the evaluation and comparison of the national and regional innovation measures and policies in a group of European regions characterized by a large number of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the traditional sectors.

ACT CLEAN (Access to Technology and know-how on Cleaner Production in Central Europe) is a project aimed at promoting clean industrial technologies and activities to ensure eco-efficient production processes in SMEs.

IMPRESA is a project aimed at identifying, selecting and supporting 40 enterprise groups for the development of the Business Plan and 30 new startups under the management of IMPAT Consortium.

2GBM (The 2nd Generation BioMatch): project aimed at promoting commercial and technological transnational partnerships to spur the development and competitiveness of the agro-energy sector in the EU, through brokerage events targeted at bioenergy companies during some of the major European exhibitions in this sector.