Intellectual Property

Through Intellectual Property Protection, Protection and Enhancement Service, ENEA defends the know-how and innovation produced with its activities through the technical and legal institutions of Intellectual Property protection, such as Patent, Model, Plant Variety Rights, Trademark, Copyright.

The Intellectual Property Protection, Protection and Enhancement Service supports the ENEA Departments when negotiating the Intellectual Property clauses (Intellectual Property Right - IPR) to draw up research contracts with enterprises, Consortium Agreements of R&D projects, or implementation acts of the Framework Agreements signed with public or private subjects.

The intellectual property generated by the Agency or with the contribution of its staff is a particulary significant element which gives rise to issues relating to attribution, management and exploitation of researach results, based on: the industrial sector of application (depending on the business model to adopt for its valorisation); the type of relation (project partnership in initiatives funded with public funds vs. industry-funded research); and the content of the relation itself (development of service activities vs. activities making use of qualified know-how).

The management of the ENEA research activities that give rise to Industrial Property Rights is ruled by the ENEA Industrial Property Regulation, compliant with the Law Decree no. 30 of 10 February 2005, as amended (Industrial Property Code).


Contact: Stefania Bassini